#MIVReveals - Heartier

Heartier co-founder Stefan Porter will be joining us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 29th November 2017 at 4pm.

Heartier is an online marketplace which brings fresh local foods and quality-hungry consumers together, using a clever algorithm to connect customers with nearby artisan suppliers.  The benefits of eating local produce are undeniable – it’s fresh, high quality and supports independent producers - but for those who don’t live near a local farm shop or have time to visit one, it’s not always a valid or viable option.

All of their producers either rear their own, or source animals from local farms that are solely outdoor reared, outdoor bred and free range.  They also provide in depth provenance information of every item in an order to ensure their customers to know as much as possible about the people and processes behind their food shop

Heartier co-founders, university friends Stefan Porter and Nicholas Ford, developed the idea after Stefan grew frustrated with the quality of supermarket meat. Working as a senior buyer, he saw how the convoluted supply chain resulted in days-old meat being stocked on the shelves. While Nicholas, a tech and media investment banker, believed that technology held the key to improving the supply chain.

Heartier advertises food that can be cut fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours. By not holding any of the stock itself, the unique business ensures that not a single slice of cheese or chunk of chocolate goes to waste – orders are simply passed on to its partnered suppliers, who gain an important additional revenue stream in turn.

The innovative start-up was launched in 2014 and is already profitable, achieving £1m turnover in 2016 from its customer base of 25,000.


If you want to hear more about Heartier, then tune into our Twitter interview on Wednesday 29th November at 4pm, following the hashtag #MIVReveals.

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